Automated People Mover (via Parsons)

Automated People Mover

To increase capacity, enhance efficiency and safety, reduce delays, and modernize facilities, the Miami-Dade County Board of Commissioners adopted a master plan for Miami International Airport (MIA). A pivotal element of this plan was construction of an offsite ground transportation hub, the Miami Intermodal Center (MIC) and an automated people mover to transport passengers and airport workers between the MIC and the main airport terminal.

Parsons–Odebrecht Joint Venture (POJV) was selected to implement the project, known as the MIA Mover, under a design, build, operate, and maintain (DBOM) contract. The MIA Mover runs on a 1.25-mile elevated guideway between two stations, one existing and one new. The Parsons-led joint venture was responsible for taking the project from conceptual design to completion of construction. Through a subcontract, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries installed the operating system and is responsible for operations and maintenance.

via MIA Mover. (Nov. 2011)

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