Monica Suter on Engineering Careers and Interviewing Tips

Monica Suter

Monica Suter, PE, TE, PTOE

Monica Suter, PE, TE, PTOE – City of Santa Ana, Public Works Agency Design Section

Monica M. Suter has worked 24 years in transportation and civil engineering for both the public and private sectors. She is a Civil Engineering graduate from Michigan State University and originally joined ITE as a college student. She is a CA-licensed engineer in both Civil and Traffic Engineering. She currently manages an engineering team for the City of Santa Ana, Public Works Agency Design Section and was previously the Acting Transportation Manager for the City’s Traffic and Transportation Engineering to cover for a short-term vacancy where she also managed an engineering team for 13 years.

Monica previously served as the Institute of Transportation Engineer’s (ITE’s) Western District President in 2008-2009 covering 13 U.S. states. Monica is currently an ITE International Director where she serves on both the International and Western District Board of Directions.

Monica is also an American Public Works Association (APWA) member and was appointed in 2011 by the APWA President to serve as an Associate Delegate on the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (NCUTCD). This National Committee makes recommendations to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) for their national manual on uniform traffic control device standards and guidelines, also known as the MUTCD. The transportation industry then inherits these standards and guidelines when California adopts the MUTCD within two years and must be deemed in “substantial conformance” with the federal manual.

Through her involvement in the National Committee (NCUTCD), Monica was recently invited to serve on a NCHRP (National Cooperative Highway Research Program) review panel to develop a vision and long-range strategic plan for the MUTCD. Monica has also published/presented several topics including “Video Detection for In-roadway & Activated Flashing Crosswalks” & “Getting to ‘Yes’ With the Public & Elected Officials,” & “Traffic Signal Warrant and Prioritization Processes,” recently plus she co-created & instructed the “MUTCD Update” Course with UC Berkeley Tech Transfer for several years and also served as Vice Chair of the ITE International Public Agency Council.

In 2004, Monica was the Project Manager for APWA’s Southern California Chapter “Project of the Year Award” for the City of Santa Ana’s McFadden-Graham Pedestrian Safety Improvement Project that utilized video detection for in-roadway flashing crosswalks. While serving as S. California Section ITE President, the Section received both the District and International “Section Activities Award” (2003). Additionally, Monica also received the “Young Transportation Engineer” award for 2000-2001 for the ITE S. California Section which she hopes never expires.


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