Electric Vehicle Expo and Movie!

Electric Vehicle Expo at Cal Poly Pomona!
When: 12-1pm (U-hour) on Thursday, May 31st, 2012
Where: Engineering Meadow between Bldg 9 and 17

Check out current market cars such as the Nissan Leaf, Coda, Tesla, and Chevy Volt. Special visit from our very own Dr. Kitch (Civil Engineering Professor) and his converted 1987 Nissan pickup! Check out his project blog!

Movie Viewing of “Revenge of the Electric Car”!
When: 6-8pm on Thursday, May 31st, 2012
Where: Library Bldg. 15-1814 (1st floor)

Guest speakers to discuss the movie will include Greg Abbott (aka Reverend Gadget) as well as founders of Plug in America, Paul Scott and Linda Nicholes!

EV Show Flyer

Hosted by SCETA

Best of the Best: America’s Transportation Awards! (via FHWA Public Roads)

Best of the Best: America's Transportation AwardsAll across the country, State departments of transportation (DOTs) are hard at work repairing old bridges, widening and constructing new highways, improving sidewalks, and repaving roadways to keep America on the move. Tens of thousands of these projects, large and small, have a major impact on the lives of every American, whether they walk, drive, bicycle, or take public transportation to get around. And State DOTs now are doing it all with less money and more uncertainty in the face of a challenging economic climate.

via Best of the Best: America’s Transportation Awards! – Vol. 75 · No. 5 – Public Roads. March 2012

Case Study of Traffic Circulation and Parking By Alyssa Reynolds

This is a guest post by Alyssa Reynolds.

Alyssa Reynolds PE, PTOE

Alyssa Reynolds is the President of the Institute of Transportation Engineers’ Western District, which includes the 13 western states and US Pacific territories. She is a Project Engineer with the City of Henderson, Nevada. She is a licensed Professional Engineer and Professional Traffic Operations Engineer. 

Case Study of Traffic Circulation and Parking around Greenspun Middle School
By Alyssa Reynolds, PE PTOE

I was recently asked to look at the traffic circulation and parking situation at a local school, Greenspun Middle School. The impetus of the parent concerns was the removal of a volunteer crossing guard from the crosswalk in front of the school.  In Henderson, the City’s police department hires, trains, and assigns crossing guards to Elementary Schools.  They are not provided at middle and high schools.  I’ve heard various reasons for this ranging from: kids of this age should know how to cross the street safely to the kids refuse to obey the crossing guard.  There is also an additional expense to adding guards at the upper level schools.  The school removed the volunteer guard due to liability concerns.

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ITECPP Wins 2012 ITE Western District Student Chapter Award

Our hard work has payed off, for the first time, ITE Cal Poly Pomona has won the Western District Student Chapter Award! We ranked 1st among 21 student chapters within the western 13 states! The last time we we won was in 1996.

Annual ReportThis goal was envision since the previous summer where we strategically planned the entire upcoming year by organizing guest speakers, technical tours, social events, and research opportunities for our members who will be presenting at conference. From the data collection proposal, to our educational outreach project with high school students; there has been a tremendous amount of work  behind the scenes. 



President Ortiz’s shout out:

We’re very grateful and humbled for receiving this honorable award. We look forward to an amazing time at the Western District Conference in Santa Barbara and hopefully at the International Annual Conference in Atlanta. See you all there!