Transpo Projects for the Campus a Success! (updated)

“You guys just did several hundred thousand dollars’ worth of engineering studies for us, for free. Thank you.” – Mike Biagi, Director of Parking and Transportation Services for Cal Poly Pomona.

(Edit April 2nd: The campus newspaper, The Poly Post, published a half-page article on our work, read all about it!!)

DesignPicOver the winter quarter, a group of 20 students worked on several transportation-engineering projects for the campus. This was initiated last year, when ITE approached campus officials to identify what some of the campus’s needs are and what we can do as civil engineering students. We developed five projects: Roundabout Study, Intersection Study, Parking Study, Policy Position Study, and Traffic Control Device Database project. Teams of students took on each of the projects from initial observations and client meetings (the Police Chief, the Director of Parking and Transportation, and the Director of Planning and Construction) all the way through final analysis and recommendations.

IntersectionPicParkingPicSpeedPicThe Roundabout Study looked at everything from drivers’ speed to truck turning radii, from signage and striping to bicycle accessibility. The Intersection Study looked at Magnolia & Cypress for visibility issues and pedestrian safety concerns. The Parking Study group had a fun time studying how our parking structure is utilized and some of its issues. The Policy Position Study had the difficult task of looking at the school’s policy on bicycling and skateboarding on campus, such as how to make our campus safer for both pedestrians and people on wheels by implementing zones and bike lanes. The Traffic Control Device Database project developed a mobile app to create a GIS database of different signage on campus and provide recommendations on types, placement, and maintenance.

QAFinal presentations were made to a large audience of campus officials: Bruce Wilson (Chief of Police), Mike Biagi (Director of Parking and Transportation Services), Dan Johnson (Director of Planning and Construction), Christi Chisler (Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Administration), Behnam Bahr (Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies), Dr. Neto (Civil Engineering Department Chair), Dr. Jia, Dr. Wu, Dr. Ye, and Professor Clark.

Our work was so successful, that we will be continuing our working relationship with the campus in finding engineering solutions to some of the transportation and safety issues on campus. Talk about learn-by-doing!

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