ITE’s 13th Meeting w/ Guest Speaker Justin Fornelli

Justin FornelliPlease join us for our 13th General Meeting this Thursday, May 16 during U-hour 12-1 PM, in the Transportation Lab (17-2646). We will be hosting Justin Fornelli, P.E. as our guest speaker who will be discussing upcoming projects associated with SANBAG’s Transit and Rail Program. You can find his full bio below. Lunch from In-N-Out will be provided on a first-come  first-serve basis.  See you there!



Mr. Fornelli is the Chief of Transit and Rail Programs for the San Bernardino Associated Governments (SANBAG).  His primary duties include managing SANBAG’s Transit and Rail Program, administering federal, state, and local funding for transit operators such as Metrolink and Omnitrans and working closely with transit providers in the county to ensure funding stability, project delivery, and inter-governmental coordination.  Prior to SANBAG, Mr. Fornelli worked for North County Transit District in San Diego County as the Chief Rail Engineer managing the rail capital improvement program, which included double tracking the coastal rail corridor.  Mr. Fornelli has also worked as a consultant for clients such as the Orange County Transportation Authority, Union Pacific Railroad, as well as other municipalities.

Mr. Fornelli’s  presentation will be about SANBAG’s Transit and Rail Program specifically, Redlands Passenger Rail Project, Bus Rapid Transit corridors, and rail access to the Ontario Airport.

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