Recap – ITE’s 14th General Meeting

On Thursday, May 30, ITECPP held its 14th and final General Meeting of the 2012-2013 school year.

This meeting announced the details of our Western District ITE Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. This four-day conference will take place July 14-17, and includes activities such as the Mitey Race (think Amazing Race), Traffic Bowl, technical sessions, and more. Members attending can receive reimbursements for attending workshops and other events. The deadlines to attend this conference are:

– June 3rd (Hand Count)
– June 7th (Payment/Liability Forms)
– June 14th (Online Registration; price will go up after this date!) Continue reading

Recap – ITE’s 13th General Meeting

On Thursday, May 16, ITECPP held the 13th General Meeting of the Year. This meeting was hosted by Brandon Wong, Incoming Internal Vice President and Mary Haynes, Incoming E-Council Representative.

13th ITE General Meeting

The guest speaker for the meeting was Justin Fornelli, P.E., Chief of Transit and Rail Programs for the San Bernardino Associated Governments (SANBAG). In his presentation, Mr. Fornelli talked about SANBAG as a County Transportation Authority due to the passing of Measure I, and how it affects implementing transit systems and projects in San Bernardino County.
Mr. Fornelli also discussed about a passenger rail project that is nearing construction in Downtown San Bernardino. This $90 million project will extend the existing Metrolink line to a transit center that is also in development. The goal is to help close the gap for commuters who visit the area.
Among the General Announcements:
-End of year shebang at Boomers on 5/25, unlimited wristbands for $13 (contact Joie)
-Ruben and Danee are at the RSBITE meeting today for senior presentations, wish them luck!
Next Meeting: 5/20/2013