ITE’s Fifth General Meeting w/ Three CPP Alumni

Daniel DavidDaniel David

Mr. Daniel David, Jr. is a Civil Associate at RBF Consulting at their Ontario, CA office. He recently graduated from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona with a degree in Civil Engineering-General Option in June of 2013. Though a recent graduate, Daniel entered the engineering industry this past summer with 4 years of combined intern experience at the County of Riverside’s Transportation Department and at RBF Consulting. He currently works in the Transportation-Public works department at RBF Consulting, where he takes on an involved role in highway and managed lanes projects. This week, Daniel will be discussing what to expect in transportation industry as an intern and new graduate.

Jesse MortonJesse Morton

My name is Jesse Morton and I am a recent graduate of Cal Poly Pomona.  I graduated with my BS in Civil Engineering General Option in June 2013.   I was born and raised in Diamond Bar and have been local to Cal Poly my entire life.

Currently I am working at Parsons Corporation as a Cost Engineer on the SR-91 Corridor Improvement Project.   I have been in this position since July and have grown quite a lot since beginning the role.  Prior to working full time I was an intern at Parsons and was involved in various projects including SANBAG’s construction management contract and alternative analysis of the Holt Blvd bus rapid transit.  I also interned at Inland Empire Utilities Agency for six months and learned much about how engineering projects get funded, bid, and executed.

My last year at Cal Poly was spent as project manager alongside Said Yahya in Dr. Jia’s senior project.   We did a Project Study Report for interchange improvements for the Cajalco Road interchange in Corona, CA.  We coordinated with Caltrans and other stakeholders to develop feasible alternatives.   I was also heavily involved in Chi Epsilon and ITE.

My presentation will be focused on my transition to Cost Engineer on the SR-91 Corridor improvement project with Parsons, and the project itself.  This project is a $1.3 billion dollar megaproject.  I will go into the different companies and agencies including the Design-Builder (Atkinson Walsh) the Program and Construction Manager (Parsons) and try to give a sense how these complex projects are set up.  Then I will discuss my specific role as Cost Engineer.  I will also go into the scope of the project in general and the transportation engineering involved.   I will show part of a short video illustrating the scope of the project that I found very well done and informative.  Then I will discuss past, present, and future challenges that I face working as a new graduate and try to give my advice on how to deal with these challenges.

Said YahyaSaid Yahya

My name is Said Yahya.  I have recently receive my undergraduate in Civil Engineering at Cal Poly Pomona on June 2013.  I am currently Working full time as an Associate Engineer at Parsons Engineering in the City of Ontario.  In addition to working full time, I am also a full time master’s student here at Cal Poly Pomona, emphasis in Transportation Engineering.

As a student at Cal Poly Pomona, I was a member of the ITECPP chapter.  In my final year, I was one of two Project Managers for Dr. Jia’s senior project 2012-2013.  The Other project Manager was Jesse Morton.  This Project was the I-15 Cajalco Road Interchange Improvement project.  Through this year long project, my team and I worked with the guidance of Caltrans Senior Engineers and Dr. Jia to create Alternatives and present those alternatives to ITE and to 200 Caltrans Design Engineers.

Currently I am working on two Major Projects for Parsons Engineering, the 91-71 Connector and the I-15 Cajon-Pass Rehabilitation Design build project. Both projects are above 100 million dollars in cost.  For the 91-71 I work as a Roadway Engineer/Modeler.  For the Cajon Pass project, I am working on the MOT (Maintenance of Traffic).

For my presentation, I plan to inform the students about the real world of engineering right out of school.  I hope to enlighten and provide information that I wish I had as an undergrad.


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