SoCal ITE and RSBITE Meetings!

Hey everyone!

The school year is about to start again for some of us, and that means it is time to get more involved with ITE!  Here are two events that you can go to, where you can meet and talk with professionals and build connections:

  1. SoCal ITE Meeting
  2. RSBITE Meeting
    • When: September 19th, 2013, 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM
    • Where: Corona City Hall – Multipurpose Room
      • 400 South Vicentia Avenue, Corona, CA 92882
    • Cost:$15 for students!
    • Registration:

We hope you take up this amazing opportunity and we hope to see some of you there!

Recap – ITE’s 14th General Meeting

On Thursday, May 30, ITECPP held its 14th and final General Meeting of the 2012-2013 school year.

This meeting announced the details of our Western District ITE Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. This four-day conference will take place July 14-17, and includes activities such as the Mitey Race (think Amazing Race), Traffic Bowl, technical sessions, and more. Members attending can receive reimbursements for attending workshops and other events. The deadlines to attend this conference are:

– June 3rd (Hand Count)
– June 7th (Payment/Liability Forms)
– June 14th (Online Registration; price will go up after this date!) Continue reading

Caltrans Tests Safety of New Bridge Rail (via CBS Sacramento)


CaltransCrashTestA Dodge Ram truck crashed into a guardrail, just as Caltrans engineers planned. At a cost of $250,000, the crash at this West Sacramento test track would be an expensive ride. But it’s a necessary one for safety.

Caltrans engineers have been taking a good, hard look at existing bridge rails, realizing they need to upgrade to save lives and protect their work crews.

They found that out the hard way when an out of control driver bounced off a median rail, came across three lanes of traffic, and slammed into Caltrans worker Mark Balsi. He lost a leg in the accident, but he helped Caltrans gain a new footing with an innovation called the Balsi Beam.

via Caltrans Rams Truck to Test Safety of New Bridge Rail « CBS Sacramento.

Why aren’t younger Americans driving anymore?

Why aren’t younger Americans driving anymore?

Posted by Brad Plumer on April 22, 2013 at 11:02 am

Ever since the recession hit in late 2007, Americans have been driving less and less. Was that because of the horrible economy? To some extent, perhaps. But it’s striking that Americans are still cutting back on driving even though the economy is growing again.

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Induction Charging Comes to Public Transit

Induction Charging Comes to Public Transit

Say goodbye to catenary wires. Utah State University has unveiled an electric bus that charges through induction, topping off its batteries whenever it stops to pick up passengers.

The same principle that charges your toothbrush wirelessly keeps this bus running. Photo: Utah State University

The same principle that charges your toothbrush wirelessly keeps this bus running. Photo: Utah State University

Designed by USU’s Wireless Power Transfer team and the Utah Science Technology and Research initiative’s Advanced Transportation Institute, the prototype Aggie Bus is already on the road. It uses the same wireless charging principle as an electric toothbrush or a wireless smartphone charger, except optimized for a massive public-transit vehicle.

As in all modern inductive-charging setups, a transformer is “split” between the bus and a charge plate under the bus stop. When the bus drives over the charging plate, current flows with no physical contact required. Engineers at USU designed their system so that the Aggie Bus can be misaligned up to 6 inches from the charge plate and still get 25kW of power and 90 percent efficiency from the power grid to the battery.

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L.A.’s 6th Street Bridge Design Competition

HNTB, an engineering and architectural firm founded in Kansas City, Mo., has won a competition to redesign and replace the 6th Street Bridge over the Los Angeles River between downtown and Boyle Heights.

The double arches of the iconic 80-year-old bridge, which engineers fear would crumble in an earthquake, will be replaced with a sleek, cable-supported structure that features a “ribbon of arches,” City Engineer Gary Lee Moore said as Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and other officials announced the winner Friday.

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