Complete Streets for California Conference 2012 (via The Lewis Center)

Complete StreetsComplete Streets Conference

The ideas and principles within the complete streets movement are consistently evolving and progressing.  Within the City of Los Angeles, for example, the Bicycle Master Plan was adopted in early 2011 and the Mobility Element of the City General Plan is currently being updated.  On a state level, 2011 is the first full year since the passing of the Caltrans Complete Streets Act.  Within these examples and more, the movement is experiencing increased momentum with an increased amount of on-the-ground projects. Continue reading

Upcoming Professional Meetings (10/19 and 10/20)

This week ITE has two professional meetings you can attend (see below for all the details)! Not only can you earn points towards the ITE Conference in Santa Barbara (remember, the people with the most points will receive financial aid to go to the conference), but it’s a great opportunity to network with professionals and see what’s going on in the industry! Also, for those of you initiating into Chi Epsilon, these meetings count as Social Events.

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