Why Become a Member of ITE?


Why become a paid member of ITE CPP, why pay that membership fee? Do you want to be the first to find out about internships and opportunities? Do you enjoy our meetings and guest speakers? Do you want to become more involved? Do you want to have access to a whole lot of additional resources? Do you want to attend conferences and other events outside of Cal Poly Pomona? So many reasons to become a paid member! Start getting involved now!

  1. All membership fees go towards events and conference costs.
  2. Be able to attend the professional section meetings of ITE SoCal and RSBITE.
  3. Be able to attend tech tours.
  4. Be able to attend the Western District ITE Conference.
  5. Have your conference cost seriously subsidized by ITECPP.
  6. Be able to attend the International ITE Conference.
  7. Have access to all of the great resources at ITE.org
  8. Get involved with research and other projects.
  9. Be the first to find out about internships and job opportunities
  10. Free ITECPP shirt.
  11. Free food at all general meetings.
  12. Get more free stuff like cool apps and much more!
ITE Shirt