Caltrans Tests Safety of New Bridge Rail (via CBS Sacramento)


CaltransCrashTestA Dodge Ram truck crashed into a guardrail, just as Caltrans engineers planned. At a cost of $250,000, the crash at this West Sacramento test track would be an expensive ride. But it’s a necessary one for safety.

Caltrans engineers have been taking a good, hard look at existing bridge rails, realizing they need to upgrade to save lives and protect their work crews.

They found that out the hard way when an out of control driver bounced off a median rail, came across three lanes of traffic, and slammed into Caltrans worker Mark Balsi. He lost a leg in the accident, but he helped Caltrans gain a new footing with an innovation called the Balsi Beam.

via Caltrans Rams Truck to Test Safety of New Bridge Rail « CBS Sacramento.

2010 Annual Traffic Fatalities Show Progress (via FastLane)

America’s 2010 traffic safety numbers are in. And National Highway Traffic Safety Administrator David Strickland and I are pleased to report that, last year, roadway fatalities and injuries fell to their lowest rates ever – and to their lowest numbers since 1949.

But if someone you know was among the 32,885 people killed on our roadways last year, you know that even one death is too many. Whatever progress these numbers indicate, they also tell us that we have more work to do to continue to protect Americans on our roadways. Continue reading

Benefits of Traffic Calming (via LADOT Bike Blog)

The Benefits of Traffic Calming

A few weeks ago, LADOT Bikeways staff grabbed our camera and tripod and took a trip down to Long Beach to get a first hand look at the Vista St. Bicycle Boulevard. As Los Angeles gets ready to implement it’s own version of a Bicycle Boulevard (called a Bicycle Friendly Street – BFS), we wanted to help familiarize everyone with a few of the different treatments. We particularly wanted to stress the significant quality of life and safety improvements that Vista St. residents have seen following the installation of traffic calming devices – particularly roundabouts and bicycle traffic signals.

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