Mini-Workshop and Luncheon: SoCal and San Diego Joint Professional Meeting (03/23)

Join the SoCal ITE and San Diego sections for a professional meeting at the El Adobe de Capistrano on Friday, March 23, from 9:30am to 1:30pm. The cost is $20 for students. (Meeting Flyer)

SANDAGThe key note speaker for lunch will be Christine Eary, Associate Planner SANDAG, who will be speaking on “Safe Routes to Transit and Data Collection/Modeling Work”.

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So, Where Are the Jobs? By Walter Okitsu, PE

This is a guest post by Walter Okitsu.

Walter Okitsu, PEWalter Okitsu is Vice President of the Institute of Transportation Engineers’ Western District, which includes the 13 western states and US Pacific territories. He is a principal at KOA Corporation, headquartered in Monterey Park. He is licensed in traffic engineering and civil engineering in California, and is a certified Professional Traffic Operations Engineer and Professional Transportation Planner.

By Walter Okitsu, PE

ITE Western District and its sections have done a good job getting students interested and involved with transportation engineering. Now that we’ve grabbed your attention, you may be wondering, where are the jobs? If you’re graduating soon, or already have, you’re aware these are tough times for hiring. It’s the toughest I’ve seen since the early 1980’s.

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